Monday, April 4, 2011

Pizza Pizza Pizza!!

This weekend we did alot of repairing the big hole in the side of the house.  Thanks to my Dad and the Hubs they patched the hole pretty well and repainted so it looks like it never happened.

Other than that we made homemade pizza crust and pizzas for dinner.  I made a whole wheat crust from this recipe Pizza Crust Recipe came out awesome!

I made a spinach tomato and garlic pizza, on the whole wheat crust, and the hubs made a peruvian pizza....heheh he loves spicy food so he wanted to pay homage to his heritage.  He made a grilled chicken tomato and red onion pizza.

He sauted the chicken in aji amarillo paste, salt and pepper, and garlic, and then browned it and set it to the side, and then sauteed up some red onions and tomatoes in aji amarillo paste and salt until they where soft.  Then he layered sauce, chicken, italian shredded, cheddar shredded, and then the sauteed onions and tomatoes.

Me and little man had a couple of slices of the spinach and tomato and the Hubs ate his Spicy little number.  I tasted it and it was really good!  Gotta add that to our rotation :)

Well hope you guys had a great, restful or productive weekend as well!

Hugs and kisses,

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