Friday, March 18, 2011

Making a Bee line for the Door

Recently we have been missing a couple of days of posting in between our vaca and now, and I will explain why.  See when we came back from Disney my little man was sick, and of course I got it too so we where laying around drinking soup and getting better.  And well two days after returning (this past Tuesday) I was reading email and the little man was playing with his cars on the area rug, I heard buzzing.....hmmm how weird what is that.  I looked down and there was  a honey bee on the floor half paralyzed it seemed.  Now you have to realize i am terrified of bees, because when I was young I was stung by a wasp and it was not pleasant.

Well I smacked it with a piece of newspaper and scooped it up and threw it in the trash.  Then I heard it again, more buzzing. So I start getting paranoid, and searching the room, there in the window sil where 2 more bees crawling around on the marble.   AHHHHH I grabbed little man and my purse and ran to the car, and drove to my on my way out of the house I looked next to the garage to see a huge swarm coming out of the side of our house  AKKKK!

So I called the Hubs, and he told me to call out a Bee removal company.  I did great company called Bee Wise.  Marcel came out at took a look and said we had a swarm trying to move into our house.  So he proceeded to open a whole in the sofit on the outside of the house...... don't be surprised by the amount of bees, I almost fainted!  Check this out...

What a welcome home that is shhhheeeeessshhh. Well all I have to say is thank god for Marcel and Bee Wise....hehehe, the bees are gone, we let the house air out a bit from the spray.  And we are back home bee free.  This weekend me and the hubs will be repairing the hole.  
Love and kisses,

P.S. After I called the hubs and told him, him being my Knight in Shinning Armour came home to meet with the Bee Guy and deal with the infestation.....thank god for my man too!


  1. ahhhh ohmygosh what a wild story! I think bees are cute but not when they are ANYWHERE near my home and family! eek! scary!

  2. Oh my goodness that was a lot of bees!! That is something like you would see on these exterminator shoes!! I know you are glad to be bee free!

  3. oh my goodness!!!!! that would have scared the crap out of me!