Monday, April 25, 2011

Upcoming This Week

I thought I would give you guys a run down of the projects in our home for this week before we started them, and some before pictures to look at.

First I bought this set of solid mohogany nesting tables at a thrift store this past Saturday for $20, can you believe it? Its in great shape with the exception of the top of the first table which has a glazed piece of leather on the top, that someone used as a stamp cant wait to make it over :)

Than, before the trip to the thrift was a trip to ikea to grab some pretty white these babies, at a steal!

They are the Ritva in 118" see our ceilings are 9' high and it was impossible for this cheapo girl to find curtains that didn't cost me a small fortune, that is until I saw these babies, and the come with stitch witchery to hem them perfectly! how awesome is that!?

While there we always walk by the as is section, I always score something I can use, the last time we went I found our Malm dresser in the brown black color, and its perfect for our bedroom for $75. This time I found this pretty pretty lamp for $19 originally $60, we tested it, it worked and I brought it home YAY! Cant wait to dress this one up.

Then we have a recipe for a cake that we tried and was absolutely awesome.

And finally the hubs is planning on a photo tutorial for you guys, on lighting and settings. I'm in the learning process too so it will be good to be able to go over it.

And know I probably through a couple of other posts in for good measure along the way.

So thats this week, hope you will follow along :)

Hugs and kisses,


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  1. Ivette
    I can't wait to see the transformation on the nesting tables! Nice job on the mirror :)