Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A preview of coming attractions...

This is gonna have to be the 1st post from me. The wife and I have been working on the design of the blog. Now, you know how life is. Everything else takes priority over projects like this. So, we finally had a little break and well... we got something done.

Mind you, I (being the kind of guy that I am) always design on the dark and moody side of things. So, when the wifey yells at... no.. sorry... tells me... to do bright and airy .. it's like getting a truck drive to learn ballet.

Via (BTW, not me)

So, with that mental image and without further adieu I present to you my trucker in a tutu design of a blog....

So, for tonight that's it folks. Give us your input, this is after all for your viewing pleasure.

- Jonathan


  1. Doing great babe, just a little more to work on, maybe after our busy weekend.

  2. Jonathan, I like it! It represents you and your family! Ivette, thanks for the sweet comment about my easter decor :)