Thursday, June 23, 2011

So I Was Thinking.......

I would like to implement two days a week, where I could tell you a little about me, and me lifelong struggle with my weight.  I'm hoping to make these a "How I made it to my Goal", but I will be honest with myself and you all.  You know sometimes loosing the battle with weight is not easy, and sometimes you fail.  But I'm going to use these two days a week to tell you guys about my background, what I am planning, what I am currently doing about it.  And if I have made any progress.

Hopefully along the way I can make some new friends, and made buddy up with some internet buddies to make it through this together.

So here it goes..........In the beginning...........

I was born in 1974 to a young Cuban girl and her All American Surfer  ok ok true, but I will speed up a couple of years.  When I was young like kindergarten young I was waifishly skinny, and would not eat anything but veggies or rice, this is what I was told by my mother and american grandmother who would watch me after school while my mom worked.  My mother would worry, and coming from a big cuban family believed that the best thing for me was to get a family member and physician to give me shots to open my appetite.  Well that worked really well because soon after I started to eat everything and anything on my plate and then some.  I never played any sports growing up and wished I had.  So I became chunky, and by the time I was in middle school, I was a chubby face little girl.  Junior high and High School made me realize my eating ways where wrong after seeing all the skinny girls, and I worked hard to eat salads and be thinner.  During my last years of high school I found working I loved it, I mean I would work out maybe 2.5 to 3 hours a night and was very strict about my eating habits. I Looked like a walking corpse btw.  Thats what the hubs said when he saw these pics, see he like women with a little meat on their bones.

So when I met Jon we became the best of friends, and hung out alot, going to rock concerts, hanging out in Jazz bars, going to movies, and I relaxed a little bit on the over working out and just did the necessary to be in shape.  I looked great.  My and Jon started dating seriously after 3 years of friendship, and we got the love pudge, but very quickly we started body for life and it went great.  Shortly after Jon purposed to me on our trip to Arizona, best most romantic trip to date.  We worked out with a trainer all the way up to the wedding, and we felt and looked great.

See still in shape but have always had athletic legs. This was pre engagement.

The Actual Moment he proposed a little chubby.

Us in good Shape for the wedding

Then, by a blessed event, 2 months post wedding, we found out we where pregnant with my little miracle man.  I was thrilled to be pregnant.  But I was sick, like sick to my stomach all day for all 9 months until he was born.  The ONLY thing that made me feel like I wouldn't puke was stuffing my face with carbs.  Not good.  I gained 60 whopping pounds from my pregnancy.  All my fault, I did it to myself.  But he was healthy and string, and 9 pounds when he was born 3 weeks early.  People would walk by the nursery and say OMG look at the size of that baby!  And he was big, he is still very tall for his age, and wheres HUGE shoes for his age.  Im not complaining, hes healthy, and I go the extra mile to make sure he gets no processed sugar, or candy.  I try to make all his meals myself.  And he is lean and mean, and Im a proud momma.

But I have lost track of myself, I never lost the baby weight, and I cant seem to find the time between house chores, cooking, feeding, and starting homeschool for my little one to take care of myself.  Encoragable!  I should know better. I feel out of control, and horrible.  I want to be my hubbys eye candy again.  And I want to set a good example for my son.  But in my thinking about this post I have discovered, I have always struggled, from one extreme to the next.  I need normalcy, and a plan.  I plan on posting my upcoming plans, and how im doing as self motivation, and again hopefully to get some support, and new internet buddies!

As you can see now, one chunky but happy momma, this will not due.

So question is, is there anyone out there that has experienced something similar to this, and if so, what have you done about it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Little Mans Pirate Bday

Well here are some of the unofficial photos I was able to steal from friends and family to show you guys some of how it looked.  Hopefully soon the hibs will be done with post processing on his.  I gave the big guy the day off yesterday, it being Fathers Day and

We weren't able to finish up the cupcakes with frosting and toppers the way we wanted because family arrived super early, but overall they tasted great thanks to my brother the chef in the making!

He could hardly contain himself.  He had soooo much fun Saturday, and I know I made the right decision renting the slide for little man and all of our friends and family.  I asked yesterday and again if he enjoyed his big party, and he is still talking about it!  So Cute!  My Big Boy I love him so.  

Hugs and Kisses,

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Survived!

So just dropping by to say I survived Little Mans 3rd Bday, and it was great.  The kids really enjoyed themselves!  I cant wait to show the pics soon.

Hugs and Kisses,

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sofa part 2

So I promised you guys and update pn the sofa and how it turned out......


So what do you think?  I'm totally in love.  Originally I had hoped it would be darker, but you know what I love it.  And once we change that gaudy Caribbean blue for a nice pale shade of grey it will be even better.

I still have to take the side and bottom slipcovers off and perform the same procedure on them, but we are planning on takeling those next monday after little mans bday and fathers day of course.  I promised Hottie hubby a day  But then I also need to work on those nesting tables and the curtains, and painting the entertainment unit, and a million other things.  I also need to finish the last three pieces of the patio furniture so I can show you guys what it looks like.  And get some tips on staining and applying some poly.

So love you guys, and ill be back with some pics of little mans bday!

Hugs and Kisses

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blogger Break But Now I Am Back

Last week we took a blogger break too much was going on in our lives, and I didn't want to burden y'all with the details.  Lets just say it was "complicated"

On to breaking news in our sweet little home we are tackling a huge project, so huge, I skered about how its going to turn out, but win or fail I will share our

Yesterday while picking up some last minute party details for little mans 3rd bday, I came to the isle for making and dying tees.  And I had a thought maybe I could die our sofa slip cover a nice dark blue or grey color.

See we have this great Kivik Sofa from Ikea, that I bought when we moved to this house.  And I had grand ideas of having a white sofa.   HA life laughs in my face!  I have a 2 year old, and let not even mention that I have butterfingers.

KIVIK Sofa bed slipcover, Blekinge white

Well one night I was relaxing with hottie hubby on the sofa after one of our "complicated" days and maybe the Cabernet got to me, but the glass slipped from my hand and broke splashing our great white sofa in a nice shade of dark red.  I've been trying to cover it with a throw across the seat, but it still ate at me knowing it was there.

So back to Joanns, I was there in the isle looking at the die, and I said what the heck.  I walked out of the store with 10 boxes of royal blue powdered fabric die.  OH BOY!

And as I write this the slipcovers are upstairs in my washer being died.  Talk about terrifying!!  We on to the details.  I am using this tutorial posted by Sherry @ Young House Love.  And I promise tomorrow morning there will be pics and results, and our epic fail posted on

Look how awesome hers turned out.....

Here's to hoping mine come out that

Hugs and Kisses,


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Patio Chairs Part 1

Happy Hump day everyone!  Just wanted to share a project we are working on for our covered patio.  Since moving in December, we have been at a lack for furniture moving from a 1000 sq ft home to a 2200 sq ft home.

We have a cute little covered patio now, that I'm dying to decorate and make cozy and comfy for sitting and relaxing having a glass of wine or watching little man play, even having a great dinner.  But alas all the patio furniture I love is REALLY expensive.  In comes Ana White and her awesome diy project plans, that are budget friendly :)

We are planning on building a sectional sofa and table with chairs for the patio similar to this style from West Elm.
                                  Wood-Slat Sectional

Luckily Ana has a identical version of the build in her plans online wooohooo.  So me and hottie hubs printed our cut list and supplies and headed over to Lowes to pick up the wood and other necessary items.  Mind you me and Jon are novices when it comes to building furniture.  3 years ago we (helped) renovate our first little house, but that was mostly hanging drywall, installing sinks, and toilets, and laying tile.  Nothing this complex.....

So we bought the Kreg Jig recomended, the wood, wood glue, wood filler, and screws.  I was even able to get the guy at lowes to cut the wood for us to sizes listed on the cut list!  Once we got home we got to work reading and re reading instructions.

We laid out all the pieces, sprayed ourselves from head to toe with mosquito repellent, because let face it we live in Miami, in which the mosquitoes loves this Latin blood in my veins.

We jigged we glued and we screwed it all together, and you know what.....we had fun, we really enjoyed it!  Oh boy what a can of worms that is, I already have eyes on about 25 other plans on her site for my house.  

Here are some action shots and the obligatory beer shot from that day.

Great Beer by the way, we got it at whole foods, nummy nummy.

You know what?! It came out great! Wanna see???

I'm so stinkin happy with this chair its not funny! now we only have four more pieces to build.  But the best part of this whole thing is that the chair only cost us $17 in material....yes $17.  And the Kreg Jig only cost us $39, and I KNOW we will be using it alot from now on, so it was soooo worth the money.  Not only that, be it took us exactly 1 and a half hours to put it together.  Isn't that awesome! We still need to stain it and make some cushions for them, but that will come soon.

Sorry Im a bit excited, maybe it was the two cups of coffee

So if you haven't seen Ana's site, or you feel like it may be too much. GO AND CHECK IT OUT, its a must, and trust me, if clumsy me can put it together so can you!

I will post the additions as we go.

Hugs and Kisses,