Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blessed to be a Mommy

You know recently one of the other bloggers I followed opened up to something personal going on in the lives, and it struck a cord with me.  It made me look at my life and appreciate what I have.  

We have had a rough two years, we had been trying very hard to have a second child.  Its put me on an emotional roller coaster really.  We have been able to become pregnant three times in the past three years, but all three times have ended in an early miscarriage.  And I don’t have any infertility coverage.  We have tried all possible natural remedies, except for acupuncture thus far.

But all in all it makes me SUPER thankful to god, that I have my beautiful healthy son, and realize how truly blessed I am to have him in my life.  Before me and the hubbs got married I was told I had a fibroid blocking the entrance to my uterus and that I would need to have a small out-patient procedure to have it removed.  Well I had it done on July 5th, and on August 18th we got married.  By October 3 we had found out we were pregnant with my beautiful boy.  Gods plan I tell you, could not have worked better....heheh

But now my little man is turning 3 in June, and we have been wanting to have another child, not only so that my son will have a playmate, confidant, best friend, and someone to always rely on, but also because I so wanted to hold another baby in my arms, and add to our family.  So now my question is this......How much longer do we try, I was married at age 34 pregnant at age 34-35 and now I’m 37 time is ticking away, and with it I believe so are my chances of another child.  

I’m coming to the conclusion lately that you know what, my son is my world, and weather or not I have another child, he will always be my world.  And I am blessed more than I could ever be, that I was lucky enough to be able to have him in the first place.  I thank god several times a day for him.  Especially when I look down and see this beautiful smile, and hear those words “ Mommy I wuv you”

I love you my little man, now and forever!

Hugs and Kisses
Mommy aka Ivette

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