Thursday, June 23, 2011

So I Was Thinking.......

I would like to implement two days a week, where I could tell you a little about me, and me lifelong struggle with my weight.  I'm hoping to make these a "How I made it to my Goal", but I will be honest with myself and you all.  You know sometimes loosing the battle with weight is not easy, and sometimes you fail.  But I'm going to use these two days a week to tell you guys about my background, what I am planning, what I am currently doing about it.  And if I have made any progress.

Hopefully along the way I can make some new friends, and made buddy up with some internet buddies to make it through this together.

So here it goes..........In the beginning...........

I was born in 1974 to a young Cuban girl and her All American Surfer  ok ok true, but I will speed up a couple of years.  When I was young like kindergarten young I was waifishly skinny, and would not eat anything but veggies or rice, this is what I was told by my mother and american grandmother who would watch me after school while my mom worked.  My mother would worry, and coming from a big cuban family believed that the best thing for me was to get a family member and physician to give me shots to open my appetite.  Well that worked really well because soon after I started to eat everything and anything on my plate and then some.  I never played any sports growing up and wished I had.  So I became chunky, and by the time I was in middle school, I was a chubby face little girl.  Junior high and High School made me realize my eating ways where wrong after seeing all the skinny girls, and I worked hard to eat salads and be thinner.  During my last years of high school I found working I loved it, I mean I would work out maybe 2.5 to 3 hours a night and was very strict about my eating habits. I Looked like a walking corpse btw.  Thats what the hubs said when he saw these pics, see he like women with a little meat on their bones.

So when I met Jon we became the best of friends, and hung out alot, going to rock concerts, hanging out in Jazz bars, going to movies, and I relaxed a little bit on the over working out and just did the necessary to be in shape.  I looked great.  My and Jon started dating seriously after 3 years of friendship, and we got the love pudge, but very quickly we started body for life and it went great.  Shortly after Jon purposed to me on our trip to Arizona, best most romantic trip to date.  We worked out with a trainer all the way up to the wedding, and we felt and looked great.

See still in shape but have always had athletic legs. This was pre engagement.

The Actual Moment he proposed a little chubby.

Us in good Shape for the wedding

Then, by a blessed event, 2 months post wedding, we found out we where pregnant with my little miracle man.  I was thrilled to be pregnant.  But I was sick, like sick to my stomach all day for all 9 months until he was born.  The ONLY thing that made me feel like I wouldn't puke was stuffing my face with carbs.  Not good.  I gained 60 whopping pounds from my pregnancy.  All my fault, I did it to myself.  But he was healthy and string, and 9 pounds when he was born 3 weeks early.  People would walk by the nursery and say OMG look at the size of that baby!  And he was big, he is still very tall for his age, and wheres HUGE shoes for his age.  Im not complaining, hes healthy, and I go the extra mile to make sure he gets no processed sugar, or candy.  I try to make all his meals myself.  And he is lean and mean, and Im a proud momma.

But I have lost track of myself, I never lost the baby weight, and I cant seem to find the time between house chores, cooking, feeding, and starting homeschool for my little one to take care of myself.  Encoragable!  I should know better. I feel out of control, and horrible.  I want to be my hubbys eye candy again.  And I want to set a good example for my son.  But in my thinking about this post I have discovered, I have always struggled, from one extreme to the next.  I need normalcy, and a plan.  I plan on posting my upcoming plans, and how im doing as self motivation, and again hopefully to get some support, and new internet buddies!

As you can see now, one chunky but happy momma, this will not due.

So question is, is there anyone out there that has experienced something similar to this, and if so, what have you done about it.

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