Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sofa part 2

So I promised you guys and update pn the sofa and how it turned out......


So what do you think?  I'm totally in love.  Originally I had hoped it would be darker, but you know what I love it.  And once we change that gaudy Caribbean blue for a nice pale shade of grey it will be even better.

I still have to take the side and bottom slipcovers off and perform the same procedure on them, but we are planning on takeling those next monday after little mans bday and fathers day of course.  I promised Hottie hubby a day  But then I also need to work on those nesting tables and the curtains, and painting the entertainment unit, and a million other things.  I also need to finish the last three pieces of the patio furniture so I can show you guys what it looks like.  And get some tips on staining and applying some poly.

So love you guys, and ill be back with some pics of little mans bday!

Hugs and Kisses

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