Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Whats going on

Just wanted to stop by and give my followers a little update.  We haven't been posting much lately, as we are facing some difficult times.

Hottie Hubby works for the county here and a new mayor was voted in.  This new mayor has made it his mission to cut the current 50 departments down to 25. My honey has been working there since high school.  Its all he has known.  And now we are told to start searching for a new job, and putting his resume together.  This all wouldn't be so bad, if it wasn't for the fact that I had been laid off (position eliminated) back in February of 2010.  We cut back, sold the house we where living in and moved to a bigger, less expensive home.  Things have been tight but manageable.  I have been searching all the while fort something part time to help with extra income.  But still nothing.  And now this.

I'm really upset and I know the hubs is down about this.  So we are devoting all our time to finding him a good place to be.  And also putting more effort into finding something for myself.  The only thing that kills me, is putting little man in a preschool so young, we where hoping to not have to until he was 4.  The good ones are all private schools, and expensive or very very far from where we live.

I dont want to dump all this on you couple of faithful followers, but part of the reason for this blog was for fears, hopes, joys, successes, and bumps in the road to be able to released.  So we are on hiatus.  But hopefully I will be back now and again to post something inspirational or crafty.

Thanks for your following, and you patience.


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