Monday, March 19, 2012

So I have written this post a million times

And....... the reason I have had an extended break from our little home life blog, has been this

We are unbelievably excited, I had given up hope, having gone through 4 miscarriages.  I had decided that I would take time to take care of myself, I started watching what I ate, working out, lost 10 pounds, even went and had some acupuncture, and was feeling great on the herbs the doctor had given me.  Then, one morning I woke up bloated and feeling strange, I brushed it off and ended up feeling like that for a whole week.

Then, one Saturday while purging our bathroom closets, I came accross a pregnancy test from 3 months earlier.  And I thought to myself, "No Way!"  "You are just being silly!"  Well I sat down and took it.  and immediately 2 pink lines popped up.  I nearly passed out!  I started crying and got down and prayed to god thanking him for his surprise blessing!  And then I screamed for the hubs to run upstairs.  He was all smiles :)

I currently 27 weeks, and although I had a pretty rough start, hypermesis, a fit a tachicardia, and some irritated galbladder pains, me and baby are just right.  Im getting excited about our new little boy!  And although things are tighter than they where, we are making things work.  We have cut back and scrimped, and are saving as much as possible.

I've bought the little cookie monster his crib from Ikea, and my mom gifted us the dresser that we will also use as the changing table, and we had the stroller, pack and play, and the car seat in the garage just incase.  My maternity clothes where all bought with gift certificates from Christmas so no cost there thus far.  And Im my good friend Melisa and my mom are throwing me a sprinkle for the little things we need, like the shower tub, cloth diapers, swaddle blankets, cloth wipes and towel.

Things have been ok for the hubs at his job, we made it through two rounds of layoffs and two separate pay reductions.  But we are alive and well.  Im trying to do as much as possible to save and not buy anything new other than the crib for the baby, so I will probably be posting and asking you all for your thrifty advice.

Heres a little mood board I made in paint with the chair we already owned, and throw pillow, as well as the crib we bought, and the dresser gifted to us.  We painted the walls a light silvery grey.  Im gathering fabrics to see what will look good, block the sun, and I can get with some 50% coupons....hehehe  Give me your feedback.  I would love it!

Hugs and Kisses,


  1. What exciting news for you! What a blessing, I love your little mood Board.

    1. Thank you so much, love your blog, adding it to my google reader right now :)